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IFK Vänersborg Bandy
IFK Vänersborg Bandy

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With a global footprint comes big responsibility - Tranter contributes to the society via regional social action programs that create wellbeing for many humans around the world.

Stockholm, Sweden, 17 December, 2020. With a global footprint comes big responsibility. To contribute to the society by investing in social action programs that are not tied to Tranter through our core business are goals that follow us through the business cycle.

When we can connect and collaborate with our customers on these initiatives the value to the society becomes even bigger. The 2020 holiday season will not be as we know it, but this also gives us an opportunity to reflect over our regional achievements in terms of how we give back to the society.

“Among many initiatives around the world, two of them stands out as something that we are very proud of in the Eurasia region”, says Magnus Lindberg, Managing Director, Eurasia.

In China, a project by the well-known public welfare organization ‘I YOU SHE’ and the Department of Civil Administration in the city of Chengdu, called “Build Dreams and Enjoy Childhood in New Nests”, received a visit from long time Tranter representative, Mr. Yu Sheng, General Manager of Chengdu AIQI Engineering Technology Co., Ltd., and several representatives from Tranter who personally participated in work with renovating both study and living spaces for children in distress.

“We are hoping to call on more of these valuable organizations to take on this kind of corporate social responsibility and convey great love through the influence and charisma of Tranter´s brand”, says Allen Fang, General Manager, China and East Asia.

In Sweden, sports have always been a big part of the Swedish society and culture. It is a way for children to have interactions in a positive atmosphere with several supportive models available to companies and organizations that want to provide aid. In Vänersborg, where one of Tranter’s factories is located, one initiative has been to sponsor the local Bandy (team sport played on ice) club, IFK Vänersborg Bandy. By this financial aid, the club gets valuable aid that enables the continuity of the daily activities, which are of great value to so many people, in a part of the society that has suffered hard during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although our core business is focused on sustainability by providing energy savings, Tranter as an organization yet sees the value in responsible contribution to all kinds of social wellbeing, all for the good of a sustainable and prosperous future for all of us.

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Tranter is a global manufacturer of gasketed and welded plate heat exchangers and an aftermarket service provider for the plate heat exchanger industry. Significant manufacturing, research, design engineering and product development activities are based in the USA, Brazil, Sweden, China and India and enable responsiveness to local demands. Tranter is represented globally by a network of our own sales companies, licensees and agents.

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